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Remembering 9/11

We have talked quite a bit over the years about starting a blog, and several of our friends and customers have suggested it when we tell some of our stories and share our thoughts.  So it seemed appropriate to start today on our 14th Anniversary of the opening of our store.  

Fourteen years ago Michele had the dream of having a location where she and other artists could display their wares without having to do the craft show circuit.  As she got all her ducks in a row and was getting closer to opening the store for the first time, she was approaching the anniversary of 9/11.   It was decided that it would be nice to have something good to remember on this day, to add some sun to a memory of a horrible day in America's history.

So here we are 14 years later.... beginning a new chapter in the story of Between Us Sisters.  It is one that we really didn't see in our future, but the road bends and curves around leading you on new adventures.  The trick is to be able to look up the road at the adventure that awaits instead of being scared of what you can't see.  Our lives have changed a lot over the last few years, the trend for shopping has changed a lot over the years and that has led us to this new path.  We are embracing this new adventure and are excited to still be able to continue to share with you our love for creating and decorating.  


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