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1 What you may be wondering
1.1 Do you still offer your Special Order Service on curtains, rugs, paints, candles etc?

Yes, we will continue to offer these services.  If you need curtains in a specific pattern or style from one of our companies, please contact us for a price quote and delivery timeline.  

1.2 Do you still carry Black Crow Candles?

Yes, we will continue to stock the most popular scents in candles and room sprays.  If you desire to order tarts and we do not have them in stock, we will be able to order them for you in bulk quantities.  Please be aware that Black Crow no longer sells Room Diffusers.

1.3 Will you have open hours at all?

Yes.  We plan to have open hours as soon as we complete our annual inventory and deep clean this year.  It will not be every day as you have come accustomed to.  With the increasing popularity of Online and Social Media sales; it has become more and more difficult for us to justify being open daily.  We plan to be open at the very least once a month for announced days and times. 

1.4 What is happening "behind the scenes" at Between Us Sisters?

We are exploring the world on online selling and trying to find our niche in that world. We are increasing the number of items offered for sale on our website, posting items in our Etsy shop as well as Ebay on occasion.

1.5 Are there products you will not be carrying in your shop in the future?

Yes.  You may see some of the following types of items dwindle away in our shop as they seem to be slow movers; IE mass manufactured signs and pieces. During 2018 we shopped with greater discrection when buying those types of products.  They are not what our foundation was built on.

1.6 What about Olde Century Paints and Howard Products?

These are two amazing lines that are not only popular with our customers, they are companies that believe in small business.  They are both made in the USA and you will not find them mass marketed.  

1.7 What can we expect to see?

Homemade, upcycled, refinished and OOAK (one-of-a-kind) creations.  You will see us moving projects from our garages to completion and into the store and on Social Media for sale. These are the things that energize our brains.  

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